Because 98.5% of our customers will refer their friends and family to us! The RPM AUTOWORX DIFFERENCE - we SHOW you recommended repairs in an outstanding, professionally decorated environment. We provide the highest level of auto repair in the Coastal Empire.


RPM AUTOWORX is in the Customer Service business working in an Auto Repair venue.

We believe in changing the auto repair industry. Cars are the second most expensive item most people purchase and customers deserve to understand when they need to spend money on a vehicle - and when they really don't. Customers spend thousands of dollars over the life of a vehicle with their chosen repair provider and deserve the utmost respect.

We feel strongly that customer feedback is crucial to improving our services. We constantly seek feedback so that we can improve. Our online customer satisfaction survey responses cannot be edited in any way.

2 year/24K mile warranty

All work performed at RPM AUTOWORX is covered by this minimum warranty on parts and labor, and in most cases, you are covered if out of town and need the repairs done elsewhere!


We take you to your vehicle and explain/show the failed components. If you can't be here, we can send pics electronically with an explanation.


RPM AUTOWORX loves educating the customer about known scams, up-sells, etc. A smart customer base makes our job easier! We have simplified Service and Maintenance intervals so that you understand what you really need and what is an up-sell.

fair pricing

RPM AUTOWORX charges flat fees for diagnostics depending on the symptoms. All other shops and dealerships charge hourly for diagnostics, sometimes doubling the total bill.

We also provide "labor overlap discounts". Other shops and dealers will charge you labor for every component replacement, even if one component must be removed to gain access to another. This is a common practice to pad the bill.

Our employees are not paid on commission, eliminating unethical up-sells to the customer.

reward program

RPM AUTOWORX offers an across-the-board discount program that saves our customers 10-15% per year if you use us for all of your service and repairs.